Dienstag, 29. Dezember 2015

Bell Jet Ranger 206 B3 Simulator for entertainment businesses.

Replica of Shell B206 
(Length 250cm, Width 130cm, Height 180cm, Width of Skid Landing Gear 200cm)
Replica of Main Panel
Replica of Overhead Panel
Replica of Avionic Panel
Replica of Miscellaneous Panel
Replica of B206 Collective (all functions)
Replica of Cyclic Sticks
Replica of Pedals

Original Garmin 196 GPS (all functions)

Dual Controls

Fire extinguisher

5.1 Sound system

Elite Simulation radio panel with all functions (2x COM/NAV, ADF, DME, XPDR 
(according to Dodosim Bell 206)

Mainpanel with all functions (according to Dodosim Bell 206)

Overheadpanel with all functions (according to Dodosim Bell 206)

3 - channel projector system
1 screen system 150cm x 600cm, 160 degrees) 3 Beamer

1 Main PC 
1 Client
Rack cabinet

Shipping, Travel expenses and hotel accommodation for the purchaser’s crew are not covered in this offer.
Prices are to be named after giving location.
All repair work or support after initial installation, putting into service and acce ptance will be charged separately.

for more informations please contact >  info@oe-xam.com